The digital eyelid
of tomorrow

We are specialized in the realization, design, study and IT organization in several areas


Geographically located in DUBAI nicknamed city lights ABSOLUTION has established itself in the heart of MONDIAL technological advancement, to be ever closer to development and digital advances
The city’s constant innovative investments in new technologies and the momentum set in motion with the prospect of the Exhibition Universal 2020 make Dubai THE technological benchmark for the Middle East Region
Specialized in the realization, design, study and organization IT in the field of management, namely project management strategic, recovery of projects in difficulty, structured framing of needs, real proof for design, prototyping production industrial specific software, which defy all competition in terms of suitability
In addition, technology companies face challenges considerable progress and permanent and major changes.
Absolution at the heart of this development process has been able to be responsive and interactive on demand
Absolution also brings its knowledge and science to allow you the culmination of a well-structured and employee-friendly project.
Our policy in terms of security and flawless as well as our capacity to respond quickly to needs will please you.

Our offer

We offer solutions adapted to your projects and bring you a real added value to the design of the latter.

We guide our clients towards support and IT project management as well as the implementation and total realization of the project

We will be able to support you and advise you with the best possible tools and resources

We have study and solution adapted to each project.

Our sales engineer will know thanks to the association of knowledge and skills as well as strong interpersonal skills human resources to enhance the aesthetic and commercial aspect of your project.

We will also offer easy ergonomics and IT performance of use that will retain all your future customers

With the creation of an "advanced cybersecurity network the reliability of the process of our networks is secure, allowing you to freely exchange your data

The management of your progression matrix is ​​transparent and thoughtful with our experts

This experience is therefore simple, clear, fluid, efficient and consistent on all the channels sought Increasingly sharp customer segmentation at your fingertips


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